What is the average % discount you are looking at when purchasing used games?

Just wondering what is good practice, and also what are you willing to pay? Of course we can price it at any price we wish, and if the right buyer comes along then it’s all gravy.

However, this question is more towards games thet can still be found at your LFGS and not OOP games or some rare KSers.

This topic was made because on Facebook Marketplace there is a person selling Space Base for a dollar less then a store would. ONE DOLLAR. The gas, the time, and everything else is not worth that one dollar lol.

Anyways, just wondering what discounts are you looking at? For me personally I look up the game in a store website, add the tax, multiply it by 0.65, and if the price is equal to that or lower, it’s worth it.

I also price my games this way when I want to sell them.

What’s your experience like?