valve punishing more than necessary for disconnecting due to power cut.

why does valve punish abandoning a match so much more than actual grief action happening in the game. i play from INDIA. and we still have power cut issues storm issues rainy season issues. and somedays when you want to play some dotes and the power just goes its a WCYD situation right? so why do i have to play single draft. for so many times for one 5 min power cut and also the ban. my friend got banned for 1 month due to his constant power cut. yes his dota game doesnt matter mine doesnt matter we will never be topson good. i have 5k conduct summary in one account and 994 in another just due to power cut issues because abandoning a game can hinder the enjoyment of other people.i dont want to be muted i want to rally my team to victory. joke. all i see valve being ignorant to potentially 500 million players. dude mobile pubg was banned for 6 months for level of addiction we had. first post. sorry if i have been rude. needed to vent

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