Trying to find the title of a comedy sci-fi card game. Not Smash Up

Hi all,

Three friends and I played a card game last summer or the year before, and I can’t find or remember the name for the life of me. Through my cursory internet searches, I have discovered the game is not Smash Up.

There were no miniatures. It had themed factions , comedy text on the cards, a sci-fi setting, and that’s all I can remember. It was sillier than Magic, more sci-fi than fantasy if I recall correctly, and different cards granted abilities for other cards or something similar. Not sure if there was a d6 or not.

Any leads are appreciated!

EDIT: It must be a pretty rare game, because when I tried to purchase it, it was extremely difficult to locate .

**EDIT 2: Thanks to all who helped! The game is called OP Arena!** And it still doesn’t seem to be available through amazon.