Stracraft Remastered installation directory doesn’t contain HD textures?

I’m trying to extract the remastered HD unit sprites and tilesets from Starcraft Remastered, but I can’t find them. I’m using to browse my local installation directory.

`Casc:unit` contains `.grp` files, when I open these with I can see that those are the original SD sprites.

`Casc:HD2unit` contains a few .dds.grp files. PyGRP can’t open those, but can. However, unpacking them showed it’s not the unit sprites themselves, but the unit wireframe icons that are shown in the in-game bottom panel for the selected unit.

I have bought and installed Starcraft Remastered via the Launcher, and when I launch the game, it uses the remastered graphics, so the assets must be there *somewhere*, right? I’m new to SC1 modding, so any help is appreciated. Also please tell me if there are other modding tools out there I haven’t found, and please provide a link if possible.

For anyone who is curious and wants to try their hands on this, but is new to this topic as I am: I’m running all tools linked above in a VirtualBox VM. Don’t run programs from unverified sources on the same machine that has access to all your passwords, kids!