Seriously: Why can’t Russians play in their own servers?

I’ve quite had it, I play in 3 regions and every single one has a Russian that expects you to speak cykblyat while they queued for non-russian servers + english as primary language? Can we make this a bannable/griefing offense? almost half of my games there is always one Russian in either side of the teams. I wouldn’t even mind if some of them even attempted to speak english, but all I get the moment I open my mouth speaking english is random russian screaming back at me, not to mention that a majority of these accounts are either so stupidly toxic or have VAC bans. Seriously what the hell is wrong with these people.

I play with Indians, Thais, Japanese, Some Aussies, hell even Filipinos aren’t as bad, but Russians just seem to stand out in the levels of toxicity consistently tilting either themselves or teammates. Every region has their bad apples but it just seems like Russians are a special kind of apple where there are more rotten ones than not.