Roach Burrowing

Okay, so I’m not a GM player nor am I ever going to be pro. The game placed me in plat but really I’m just a beginner. I’ve been playing zerg exclusively and always start the game with Hushang’s beginner roach rush.

I also always have burrow and here is my reasoning:

In the early game, it seems like when you rush and go up against a small number of defenders, if you manage to kill them but all your roaches are 2-10 hp, you won’t even survive their drones. But if you can burrow and heal to full while waiting for your re-enforcements, its a huge advantage because they lost all and you lost none.

Yet, I never see pros burrow, and they’re way better at micro than me. I suck at micro. So.. why not? Obviously detection but like.. who cares? I just want the healing


I’ve stopped researching burrow for roaches.

Ravengers are insane lol! I can’t believe I wasn’t using them before. Now when my roaches get low, I just micro them into ravengers and then nuke down priority targets. So much better than burrow.

Also I feel like it’s going to help me get better at microing