Why do Ghosts kill zerglings in 2 hits?

Something I’ve been thinking about of late, is why do ghosts kill lings in 2 shots? It feels so weird for that unit.

When I think of the ghost kit, it’s always been focused on anti spellcaster, aoe in tvp and in zvt sniping the big hive tech units. Why do they need to kill zerglings in 2 shots if it’s supposed to be their counter? All the other race mid-late game spellcasters don’t even have an auto attack .

I just don’t fully see the point of the ghost auto attack being so strong. I feel like it’s so unneccessary when Terran has a lot of strong complementary options to kill lings. With +3 Hellbats 1 shotting lings, tank AOE being good vs ling bane, mines and planetaries, it feels like the ghosts being able to kill them lings so fast as well is nuts.

Posting as a discussion. Just something I haven’t understood why it’s important for ghosts to have.


(WARNING: SPOILERS) DreamHack Valencia games / series recommendation thread

With the first offline event we’ve had in ages concludes, it’s time to make recommendations for the individual games and series to catch-up on for those that may have missed them.

For memory refreshment all matches can be found on .

VODs will be on the ESL Twitch channels , on YouTube and spoilerless on .

Thank you in advance for all recommendations!


Roach Burrowing

Okay, so I’m not a GM player nor am I ever going to be pro. The game placed me in plat but really I’m just a beginner. I’ve been playing zerg exclusively and always start the game with Hushang’s beginner roach rush.

I also always have burrow and here is my reasoning:

In the early game, it seems like when you rush and go up against a small number of defenders, if you manage to kill them but all your roaches are 2-10 hp, you won’t even survive their drones. But if you can burrow and heal to full while waiting for your re-enforcements, its a huge advantage because they lost all and you lost none.

Yet, I never see pros burrow, and they’re way better at micro than me. I suck at micro. So.. why not? Obviously detection but like.. who cares? I just want the healing


I’ve stopped researching burrow for roaches.

Ravengers are insane lol! I can’t believe I wasn’t using them before. Now when my roaches get low, I just micro them into ravengers and then nuke down priority targets. So much better than burrow.

Also I feel like it’s going to help me get better at microing


How to counter Photon Cannons in BROOD WAR?

So here’s the schtick. My parents are long term Brood War players, they’re decent at the game, but I really want them to play SCII. They agreed that they will try it, so long as I beat them in a 1v2 in Brood War 😀

Now I’ve been messing around with Terran getting my build order planned and I can mass Wraiths and Cattlebruisers pretty quickly, but I’m worried about Photon Cannons as my mom is a Protoss player. They shred my Wraiths and by the time I have BCs up there could be tons of cannons.

How can I counter them? I’m favourable to air units because the pathing of ground units is DOGWATER compared to SCII and I just don’t have the micro skills necessary to prevent my units from spreading out. I’ve looked into dropships but they can only take like 8 marines and that’s still a bit iffy, if they’re good I’m open to using them. Do siege tanks still out range cannons? Any other units I should look into?

Any other advice on how to force my parents to upgrade would be appreciated! 😀

UPDATE: I did it! TvPZ, took as many expansions as possible, and spat out BCs. They’re so strong if you can mass them, they just eat up damage. Hydralisks even Carriers couldn’t do anything. Copying SCII files onto a memory stick as we speak 😉 will eventually update to let you guys know how they like SCII

EDIT: Wow, thanks for all the comments and advice! Quite a few of them helped me, we had so much fun we decided to play a few more games and I could hold my own against the Brood War veterans 😀


How to watch SC2 esports?

Sorry for being a noob, but I’m having a hard time even figuring out how to watch sc2 as an esport. I always see posts on here about the players or the tournaments, but to be honest I feel like they make it difficult to figure out how to watch these things and keep up. At least for a someone like me. Which is a big problem if we’re wanting to grow the fan base imo.

For what it’s worth, I know some basic stuff from playing the game for so long and being on this subreddit, but just treat me like I’m brand new, because in this area I pretty much am.

So here are a few of my basic questions:

1. How do I even get started watching these? Is there a single website for watching, or does every different tournament have its own platform to watch it?

2. What are the “must watch” events during the year? And are there other smaller events worth watching? Also is there a general schedule of when certain tournaments are taking place?

3. For someone just getting started, are there players I need to know about? I personally enjoy watching players who are not only good, but have some kind of story or positive impact on the game.

Edit: thank you for everyone who helped me! I have started watching the most recent GSL season and I am LOVING IT!


Co-Op Mutation #324: Violent Night

You’d better watch out! Amon is exacting vengeance on those he deems naughty, and this most certainly includes you. There’s still plenty of reason to be jolly-it’s the season of giving, and there are gifts for everyone! But be warned: Amon does not like sharing.
#Map: Void Launch

**Gift Exchange**
Gifts are periodically deployed around the map. If you don’t claim them, Amon will!
**Naughty List**
Player units and structures take increased damage for each enemy they’ve killed.

#Rating: Not Brutal+

#Video Replays on Brutal:

**Player 1                                  **|**Player 2**
] | ]
] |Dehakaburger
] | ]
] |bunmu

#Gift Spawn Timings:

* 03:00
* 05:10
* 07:20
* 09:30
* 11:40
* 13:50
* 16:00
* 18:10
* 20:20
* 22:30
* 24:40
* 26:50

Gift for Players :|Gift for Amon :
Gas pickups are dropped. Number is 15+ game minutes elapsed|A temporary mutator activates for 180 seconds
Activates Chrono Surge for the player|Amon receives 30 Widowmines, burrowed Banelings, or Stasis Wards around the map
Player receives a free unit depending on race |Amon receives 15 Scourge or Banelings, depending on whether the players have 5 air units
] in the player’s main base|Amon receives a Hybrid army spawn,
Grants 10 layers of Avenger buff for one of the player’s units|Amon receives an invincible Kill Bot that expires after 30 kills
Clears Naughty List counter for all of the player’s units|5 current or future Shuttles receive Super Overcharge
Player receives ] |All players’ units get half HP and damage for 60 seconds
] for 10 seconds|
Fully heals all player’s units and structures, with constant healing for the next 60 seconds|

#Other Notes:

* Any unit that gets 15 kills will receive 50% extra damage, then an additional 6% for any kills after that up to 150 kills .
* When a gift spawns, it will ] . However, players ] until 40 seconds after the gift spawns.
* ] near the gift and clear any nearby enemies to begin claiming it.
* Claiming a gift takes 20 seconds.
* Whenever players get two consecutive gifts, Amon always ] . Players cannot stop Amon’s thievery. What a jerk.
* A ] appears over units that will receive extra damage due to naughty list.

#Vote for ] and ] !

#Do you like this mutation? ]

Commander of the Previous Week: ] !
Previous Week : ]
Previous Week Approval Rating: ]
# ]
**Clearly Superior Version:**
**Relevant Links**

**Week 267 post:**


How do you guys judge how to approach a match?

I’m not great at RTS games and generally seem to suck at competitive games for some reason but I still really enjoy SC2 when it’s not annoying. Sadly I’ve hit a rut and noticed I’m having the same problem in other games too where I seem to always misjudge what strategy or approach to have?

I play Terran and anytime I go bio, it’s too weak. Mech gets me whooped by overwhelming combos of units. Air is the strat I’ve had successes with the most by surviving up to a BC fleet or banshee rush thing. I feel like I’m decent at economy but I can never balance it with units and figure out what strat to go with. How do y’all judge it? Scouting either gets me unit destroyed instantly or wastes my attention so everything else falls behind.

I love SC2 but it’s so frustrating


DreamHack should change its Playoff schedule

I am actually quite surprised when DH Valencia has Quarterfinals to finals on the same day. This is abnormal as other offline event typically has Quarterfinals on separate days and even separate days between semifinals and finals as in the case of GSL.

To explain why this is a terrible competition schedule:

For typical watchers that meant they have at least a 10 hour marathon for a single day, which is a stretch even on weekends. In fact DH Valencia last day is 13 hours long from start to finish, which significantly diminish audiences’ enthusiasm at the Grand Finals.

For players this add a significant disadvantage if placed on lower half during Playoff. Because all matches are played on main stage since Quarterfinals, that meant the bottom 4 players will have much less rest time compare to the top 4 players both during semifinals and finals. This is significant more compare to separate semifinal/final, since in that case player can have a whole night of rest regardless of upper or lower half.

Granted this disadvantage is not always a deciding factor, yet it is still noticeable in final, as we seen Maru’s reaction time is slower and less willing to drag out to late game.


Any good videos/tips for terran beginners?

For context I am plat 1- diamond 3 protoss player but to be very honest, I am hot garbage at this game. Playing protoss gave me a lot of bad habits like A move my army instead of micro my army with specific units to attack units that they are strong against.

How did I get to that rank? I have no idea sometimes I get players that are overly defensive , very often its ppl who proxy or mass only 1 unit and it is not hard to win those games. But when I play against decent people like zergs who have mix army WITH lurkers, its like insta loss for me because I just dont know what to do except A move with slight high templar micro

I feel like if I switch race it will fresh start for me and I can learn how to micro tanks/bio constantly but the problem is that I have been searching in youtube how to improve as Terran player and its usually guides of people who did it from their twitch stream and its 1 hour long with very very ambitious and vague explanations. Often they dont even conclude what they did. Without any basic guides I am deserved bronze 3 player


Fastest Stalkers in the World: 1m15s

I don’t even need to follow a build order and I can get my first stalker out 35 seconds faster than any pro gamer without even cutting probes.

Meet Mero, the plat league hero that informed me of my achievement. I always just assumed that pro gamers were much better than myself without ever actually facing any, but now that I know how slow they are, I am planning to move to Korea and win consecutive GSL’s with my patented stalker timing.


I’m an old casual these days, more often finding myself playing other less intense games to wind down after work , but I still watch GSL consistently and it occasionally inspires me to queue up for 1v1’s… boy am I glad it did today!

If Mero ends up seeing this: Thanks for the chuckles and I hope you open yourself up to self reflection and in turn, self improvement so that you can get the most out of this beautiful game that we all love enough to still be playing 12 years later

Truly hope you were trolling, props if so. <3