Normal pubs – Matchmaking

So Ive been on a 4month Dota break. I wasnt highly ranked when I played, and back then I only played ranked pubs. Now I started playing some Dota again. When I opened the client, I saw I was unranked . Figured I’d play some normal pubs, since I feel really rusty but here’s my question. What does matchmaking consider in normal pub games when Im unranked? Played 4 games so far. 3 had leavers. In one game I had a 5 man int draft . Another game I had a guy roleplaying Zeus, running around saying Boom in chat everytime he used a lightning bolt. In no game, there was any sense of team play, objective plays, farming for timings, just a random mess.

Is this the way normal pubs is? Or is it due to me being unranked currently?

I guess what Im asking is, should I go straight into my 10 games MMR calibration and just get a rank to be able to get a half decent pub experience?