Nearby ally communication for solo rank

So here is the thing, this is a game where you play with 4 random strangers, 2 player in sidelines have to work something out to win that lane.

How many combinations of heroes there is? and how many combinations of who are you laning agsint? its trilions right?

so sometimes, in order to win a lane you to communicate with your partner to explain a mechanic that can be used to win that lane, sometimes this plan is long and need like 30 second of explanation, but other 3 players are annoyed by it, they mute you and you lose behavior score. Despite not being toxic and just wanting to communicate, other lanes just assume you are toxic and mute.

there should be a voice function with a specific hotkey to send voice to your nearby allies.

no distraction for other lanes, you can communicate more to win a lane just like when do when you are playing with your friend in discord.