Looking for a two player game with extreme replayability, and strategic depth. Options in the post:

Hi! I wanted to get a deep and interesting 1v1 game that’s relatively simple to learn , but has a lot of competitive depth and isn’t chess. I’ll list some options I have found so far, and I’ll give my short first impression on them.


The only two things I’m afraid of that this game ends up being too simplistic, and the expansions seem very divisive in terms of how it impacts the learning experience and the competitive nature. Otherwise it looks great, definitely the most excited about this one!


Again, the only fear is that the game might end up being too simplistic in strategy, I could be wrong but does not seem very compelling to me, just a lot of math.


I’m concerned about the exact opposite here, that this might be too much like chess in a way that the whole game requires too much theory to just sit down and play and figure out strategies on our own, and so it might not be a good learning experience.


I did not like the short gameplay summaries I saw, but I kept running into it’s name when I was looking for well-balanced 1v1 board games, so I thought I’d ask about it.


I did not look into this too much, I just saw that the game is 1v1 and is really pretty, and apparently it has quite a bit of strategy to it.

Twilight Struggle

The games are probably too long, and there is too much reading involved for the type of experience I’m looking for.

Free feel to recommend something that is not on the list, but I did not want to start this thread with 0 research, these 6 seem the most appealing from a few hours of work.