Is Root worth it for me?

The concept behind Root really appeals to me. It looks like a fantastic game and the artwork only makes me want it more. The problem is that it would be largely 1-2p sessions and I’ve heard it’s better at higher player counts. Worse yet, each expansion is roughly the same price as the base game, including the expansions that just let you play solo? That means if I want to play solo off the bat, I’m basically buying 2 games, which is a big investment for something I can’t guarantee will get played often, and something I don’t even know if I like. While all my research suggests that I _will_ like it, it really rubs me the wrong way that you have to double the price to find that out.

If I end up going for Root, I’d pick up the base game and clockwork expansion, but if I really ended up liking it then I’d eventually want the other expansions. The downside to this is that it would take up pretty much a whole shelf _just for one game_. I’m pretty economical with shelf space but this single game would be like 1/4 of my collection by volume.

So what do you guys think: is it worth the investment for me?