Is Doom V2 as imbalanced as some say ?

Hi folks. I’ve managed to find some expensive but available copies of the out-of-print second edition of Doom the board game but the players reviews talking about the supposedly horrible balance scare me. I’ve played Doom V1 two days straight last weekend at a game jam and the invader was really strong, capable of downright trolling the squad ; in V2, from what I’ve heard, it’s the opposite. What you think ? Are the marines really so overpowered that there’s no challenge in the game ? I know house rules are always possible but if they are so many issues that you gotta change how the gameplay works entirely, it’s not worth it IMO…

BTW : for the same price I could get a copy of either the first edition with its expansion or the second : which one would you instinctively recommend me to pick ? I loved the 2016 video game and not the 2003 one, but the V1 board game is a lot more fun than the VG it takes its inspiration from IMO. Which edition is feels the most enjoyable for you ? Yes the second looks a lot better but I mean in terms of gameplay.

Thanks in advance ! Cheers, stay safe.