I’m trying to get good at SC2 – Week 0 (preparation)

Not sure if it’s allowed, cause it’s more like a post for myself and I’m planning to make an update note every week. But any advices are welcomed. If not, mods can remove the post.

I was always a very competitive player, especially in fighting games, but there’s nothing good atm, so I’ve decided to try to get good at SC2. I don’t have much experience with RTS, but I’ve played Warcraft 3 and SC2 for a few days in the past, but don’t remember anything except I suck at both games.

I decided to play Zerg. Reason: they’re cool. My current goal is to get comfortable with the UI, buttons and my make simple decisions during early game.

Current problems:

1. I’m too slow and sit on 1k+ gas.
2. Keep forgetting to spawn Overlord.
3. Keep forgetting to use Queen.
4. Low APM – 84.

Goals for the week:

1. Make a gameplan for at least first 3 minutes.
2. Learn my keybinds, swap between Hatcheries, Queens, overlords and Units using keyboard instead of mouse.
3. Use my units – Queens to lay eggs and move Overlords for vision.
4. Remember my structures, units and upgrades.

I’m unranked for now, so I’ll post my rank and stats at the end of the week. Also, goals I was able to achieve, things I still need to improve and set new goals for the next week.