I know I should not keep grudge over games, but I don’t have anything else to do while being banned from MM for a while.

I picked BB as P1. It was 13m and I was about to finish my Scepter.

My team just kept fighting and pinging at me still farming in the jungle.

After a while, at 24m I lost network. It took me a good while to reset the router just to find out we have lost the game and I got abandoned.

It was already a bad game where people wouldn’t let pos 1 farm. I know it’s important to fight but come on it’s not 20m, let me time some items, will you ?

Just to make things clear I’m playing at 2k MMR.

Losing a game is okay, but I’m not moving a single MMR after the last 45 games. I know I’m doing something wrong, I might have not been very consistent.

But losing a game then on top of that, network loss and abandon. I felt like the world was against me. I can lose 3 to 4 games like that and won’t sweat a single thing. I don’t mouth fight people just mute them. But kicking me out of the game, making me the bad person to the root. It just feels bad.

I’ll probably play the rest 15 queue role games then return to my 15 all queue routines. Maybe it’s gonna look brighter there.

Sorry it couldn’t look darker at midnight. Already decided to ruin my sleep and the world decided let’s ruin everything altogether.