I got a game banned ? Is this normal

I’m so confused. I got game banned on steam and vac banned when I open dota 2. I never cheat, smurf or matchmaking abuse. I can be toxic in game sometimes because I am try harding but I am hovering from 9800-10000 BS now it suddenly turned to 1. I cant get to link my recent games in dotabuff because I cant click the expose match data ingame but this is my dotabuff . I was ancient 5 before and I stopped playing. I recalibrated to legend 3 and I have been winning with pos 4 zues a lot to legend 5. Is this even considered smurfing if I am calibrated in legend 3?

edit: Resolved, it was an incorrect ban. Thank you everyone for those who believed and thank you Brian from steam support. xcqL

edit: fuck your system valve, who would have thought that a 4.7k mmr peak skill will stomp legend 3 players. Why put me here for recalibration? like srsly i almost lost 100+ usd of dota items