I gave away 75% of my collection because I’m moving and it’s a blessing in disguise

I am moving across country and gave away 30 out of 40 board games. This included games with all the expansions. I realized having too many games keeps you from playing your favorites. In the end, you really only play a handful of games regularly. Yes, you may pull out a game once a year, and it is fun, but for the space, money, learning the rules, maintenance, updating with expansions… you could have just played your go-to games.

I also noticed that when you get a new game, there is some internal pressure to play it, which means you’re constantly trying to catch up, playing games just to check it off your list. And then there is the shame of having a game for over a year and the cellophane is still on.

I’ve also had friends and family complain that I am always introducing a new game to our play sessions. Many have voiced that they were just starting to get good at the previous game, and wanted to play it more.

Guys, don’t make the mistake I did! Have a few games in the four major food groups and you will be better off for it 🙂