I did a dumb – thank you Tabletop Simulator!

So…it’s been hard to get the Outer Rim expansion in my small town. I had a friend who was going to the nearest large city and was able to get a copy for me. Which I then opened in the game store and integrated into my base set and trashed the expansion box.

And 3 days later realized that I had missed the 6 ship panels. Which are now en route to same landfill if not there already. But Fantasy Flight is Asmodee, which means that getting replacements is impossible.


So I thought for a few minutes and found a solution. I subscribed to the mod on Tabletop Simulator, and found the scans for the panels. It will take some cleanup, but I’ll be able to print them and build my own panels. Since they don’t need to be shuffled, the fact that they obviously aren’t the production copies shouldn’t matter.

I freely admit this is my own damn stupid fault, but I really wish Asmodee would support a solution other than buying a whole new copy of a thing that I can’t easily get in the first damn place.