How to watch SC2 esports?

Sorry for being a noob, but I’m having a hard time even figuring out how to watch sc2 as an esport. I always see posts on here about the players or the tournaments, but to be honest I feel like they make it difficult to figure out how to watch these things and keep up. At least for a someone like me. Which is a big problem if we’re wanting to grow the fan base imo.

For what it’s worth, I know some basic stuff from playing the game for so long and being on this subreddit, but just treat me like I’m brand new, because in this area I pretty much am.

So here are a few of my basic questions:

1. How do I even get started watching these? Is there a single website for watching, or does every different tournament have its own platform to watch it?

2. What are the “must watch” events during the year? And are there other smaller events worth watching? Also is there a general schedule of when certain tournaments are taking place?

3. For someone just getting started, are there players I need to know about? I personally enjoy watching players who are not only good, but have some kind of story or positive impact on the game.

Edit: thank you for everyone who helped me! I have started watching the most recent GSL season and I am LOVING IT!