How to relax after a bad game:

Here’s my experience on how to calm down after a bad game and keep8ng your mentality up:
Step 1: stand up and go to bathroom or have a drink.
Step 2 : don’t Q to any match for atleast 30 min.
Hmm but what to do in 30 min?
Step 3: go to a bot match, pickup any hero you feal like playing. Stomp bots and deplete all your toxicity on them.

Step 4: after 30 min has passed and you played a bot game. When you wanna Q the next match, don’t try look back at the lost. Move forward.
Ps: if you lost the second ranked match, that’s a hint: that day ain’t your day pal. Don’t Q to any other rank game or just Close dota2 and do anything else. MMR can’t be forced, much like many things in life.