How to counter Photon Cannons in BROOD WAR?

So here’s the schtick. My parents are long term Brood War players, they’re decent at the game, but I really want them to play SCII. They agreed that they will try it, so long as I beat them in a 1v2 in Brood War 😀

Now I’ve been messing around with Terran getting my build order planned and I can mass Wraiths and Cattlebruisers pretty quickly, but I’m worried about Photon Cannons as my mom is a Protoss player. They shred my Wraiths and by the time I have BCs up there could be tons of cannons.

How can I counter them? I’m favourable to air units because the pathing of ground units is DOGWATER compared to SCII and I just don’t have the micro skills necessary to prevent my units from spreading out. I’ve looked into dropships but they can only take like 8 marines and that’s still a bit iffy, if they’re good I’m open to using them. Do siege tanks still out range cannons? Any other units I should look into?

Any other advice on how to force my parents to upgrade would be appreciated! 😀

UPDATE: I did it! TvPZ, took as many expansions as possible, and spat out BCs. They’re so strong if you can mass them, they just eat up damage. Hydralisks even Carriers couldn’t do anything. Copying SCII files onto a memory stick as we speak 😉 will eventually update to let you guys know how they like SCII

EDIT: Wow, thanks for all the comments and advice! Quite a few of them helped me, we had so much fun we decided to play a few more games and I could hold my own against the Brood War veterans 😀