Help me design my (hybrid) boardgames room

**How would you design your perfect games room ?**

Hi, I’ve amassed a large collection of games to play with my 6 year old as she grows up and also with my friends but pandemic has meant I haven’t had a chance to do much socialising

I have a room that I’m trying to make the ‘adult’ living room in the house. It has a fireplace and space I can put in cabinets and shelving either side. I want it to be stylish but also to display many of the games somehow as I have adhd and will actually just forget I own board games if I can’t see them lol

My games are pretty standard European and card games etc. Ie not magic the gathering or anything so elaborate

It will also be a sitting room so I want to have a couch and a couple of chairs and a coffee table

1) what **height and shape of coffee table** is best ?

2) what **seating arrangement** works best should I go with **sliding door cabinets?** Any design best in terms of maximising game storage? Single shelf inside?

4) does anyone have any **wall shelving** you are using for games that looks nice?

5) any **other things** that make a room perfect for gaming?

The room will be also used as a social space for adults and spare bedroom and for winter nights

The picture here is my inspiration shot for the room.