Freshly created accounts should be forced to play 50 bot games before being able to play versus other people.

Have you finally found a girlfriend who would like to try out Dota with you?


Queue up with her, tell her to pick Crystal Maiden. Girls usually love to play with Maiden.

You are happy, because there is also a very low level account on the enemy team and he is new, so the game will be balanced.

It’s very strange because he picked Skywrath.

New players usually don’t pick Skywrath.

It’s very strange that this Skywrath killed your gf on lane 8 times in 8 minutes.

Sky is now level 8, your gf is level 3.

Your gf doens’t understand how Sky kills her with 3 spells while she can’t even cast a single spell.

She wants to play another game now.

There is a game called League of Legends.

**Jokes aside. Forcing new accounts to play 50 games vs bots would greatly discourage new account creation by smurfs, and it would actually help new players learn the basics.**