Fastest Stalkers in the World: 1m15s

I don’t even need to follow a build order and I can get my first stalker out 35 seconds faster than any pro gamer without even cutting probes.

Meet Mero, the plat league hero that informed me of my achievement. I always just assumed that pro gamers were much better than myself without ever actually facing any, but now that I know how slow they are, I am planning to move to Korea and win consecutive GSL’s with my patented stalker timing.


I’m an old casual these days, more often finding myself playing other less intense games to wind down after work , but I still watch GSL consistently and it occasionally inspires me to queue up for 1v1’s… boy am I glad it did today!

If Mero ends up seeing this: Thanks for the chuckles and I hope you open yourself up to self reflection and in turn, self improvement so that you can get the most out of this beautiful game that we all love enough to still be playing 12 years later

Truly hope you were trolling, props if so. <3