DreamHack should change its Playoff schedule

I am actually quite surprised when DH Valencia has Quarterfinals to finals on the same day. This is abnormal as other offline event typically has Quarterfinals on separate days and even separate days between semifinals and finals as in the case of GSL.

To explain why this is a terrible competition schedule:

For typical watchers that meant they have at least a 10 hour marathon for a single day, which is a stretch even on weekends. In fact DH Valencia last day is 13 hours long from start to finish, which significantly diminish audiences’ enthusiasm at the Grand Finals.

For players this add a significant disadvantage if placed on lower half during Playoff. Because all matches are played on main stage since Quarterfinals, that meant the bottom 4 players will have much less rest time compare to the top 4 players both during semifinals and finals. This is significant more compare to separate semifinal/final, since in that case player can have a whole night of rest regardless of upper or lower half.

Granted this disadvantage is not always a deciding factor, yet it is still noticeable in final, as we seen Maru’s reaction time is slower and less willing to drag out to late game.