Core players, dude, just stop for a second to get the support’s buffs, especially if you already really close to them.

I know it sounds crazy, and I know it doesn’t sound reddit worthy, but it fucking is. It’s actually insane how many core players just run away from Magnus, Ogre, KotL or whatever on their team without taking a second to stop. Even worse when all he has is a midas and brown boots and walks around from camp to camp without a buff. Like you have movement ability with a cd of 3s and more ms than me, do you expect me to chase you though all the map? Or, when you lose a fight because you’re trying to bloodlust him while you’re pinging your ability because you know a fight is about to break out anytime and you need to give him the buff, and then he just runs away acting like he doesn’t need to stop for even a second but you know damn well he knows. Yeah, down vote me, even though these are fucking facts shout outs to the solid ones out there though!