Co-Op Mutation #325: Doomsday Report

The Moebius Corps fleet has converged upon Veridia Prime. They bombard the surface without regard for friend or foe, and the experimental reality-warping propagators have been unleashed unto the unsuspecting populace. Push back the enemy for long enough to stabilize the planet.
#Map: Vermillion Problem

**Going Nuclear**
Nukes are launched at random throughout the map.
**Orbital Strike**
Enemy Orbital Strikes are periodically fired throughout the map.
Reality warping sludges are crawling towards you. Anything they touch is turned into a copy of the sludge.

#Rating: Brutal +4

#Video Replays on Brutal:

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* Propagators have 450 health, and transform any unit they touch into one of them, effectively killing the unit.
* The first Propagator spawns at 3:30, and a new one spawns every 90 seconds on Brutal.
* Propagators hit ground units, air units, heroic units, and buildings.
* Objects that turn into the propagator have the exact same HP as the propagator that infected it; so a 1-HP Propagator can only make more 1-HP Propagators.
* Spider mines, toxic nests, and banelings can connect with the poopagator before it poopagates them.
* Crooked Sam’s Detonation Charge, Abathur’s Disabling Cloud, and Vorazun’s stuff can all prevent poopagators from poopagating.
* The warning spot for Going Nuclear is the large targeting area. However, you only have 5 Blizzard seconds of warning before the nuke hits.
* Amon has  ]  of Orbital Strikes.

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