Nephest Twitch Vod Finder – Invaluable learning tool!

Hi folks,

I just wanted to draw attention again to Nephest’s SC2 Pulse new features!

He has added a feature, where players who stream and have their Twitch associated with their account will have time stamps for their games in their Twitch vods.

For example, I like to watch HeroMarine because he plays standard and uses a handful of safe macro builds often. I’m currently really struggling with TvP, so I can use this feature to quickly watch HM’s recent TvPs and look for how he executes builds like the Reactor Expand into 3 Rax, Reaper Expand into 1/1/1 Mine Drop w Raven Tank 3/1/1, etc.

. Click on the Twitch icons to jump to that game. The API gets it close, so if it doesn’t land on the exact game start, just skip forward a minute or two.

, which allows you to search for all matches that are timestamped to Twitch vods with search paramaters like MU, MMR, duration.

In an era of many memes, balance whine and anxiety about this game’s future, the work of folks like Nephest keep the dreams alive! 😀


Watching GSL for first time

I just finished group A of the round of 20 in GSL 2022 season 2. And honestly I love everything about this game. It’s honestly more fun to watch than play, if that’s possible. Particularly I found her0 fun to watch, because last I played I remember following some of his build orders. Then they talked about him coming back recently, so it was really exciting to see him play. Poor rogue.

But I also have some gripes about a few things.

The captioning during the interviews is done so poorly. Like 5 words at a time for the subtitles, I can barely follow what’s going on. And is that just tasteless and artosis doing their best to translate?

They thumbnails for the videos ruin the first two matches. I do my best not to look and I use sc2 links to try to avoid spoilers, but the YouTube video thumbnails ruin it anyways.

The amount of different tournaments, different places to find everything is pretty overwhelming. I had to make a thread on here to understand everything .

The first 3-4 mins of matches often have a lot of downtime. I with the casters would use that time to tell me more about the players and their history or playstyle or whatever during that time. Instead most of the time they just talk about random topics that have no bearing on anything.

Overall I’d give the whole experience an 8/10 because watching these games is just too much fun. Just wanted to share my thoughts on a few ways to make it even better!


Are Disruptors too game-warping?

Disruptors, IMO, are too good because your opponent can instantly lose a huge chunk of their army to one if they misclick or aren’t paying attention. They also crowd out the Colossus in its role as a splash damage unit, even if the Colossus is better for DPM than the Disruptor. And while I know that using Disruptors well is very micro-intensive, that isn’t much of a hindrance to pro players. It makes me feel as though adding Disruptors to the game may have been too heavy-handed, since they can absolutely wreck a ground army very cost-effectively.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. What’s yours on the Disruptor? Is it too game-warping in your opinion?


recommendedd compeittiions to watch

wanan watch best of 7 or best of 5 comepttions, what do you recommend?

any class/race dont matter

want compeititinos from after any major changes patch to game since lots of things from past would be outdated and useless info

could be finals semi or quarter or anything from the best players for this game

best of 7 5 cos seems like different builds beats differnet builds in this game

so few gaems/matches arent fair since build steps mattered so much in this gaem – and are so basic in this game

but build steps dont matter as much in normal nonpro s2 and what matters in normal s2 is doing things really really fast basically

all that matters in normal s2 is doing things really really fast – has a snowballing effect

u can do pretty much any builds and win so long as its done really really fast basically and u win in normal s2 – and none of the hotksy are really good besdies ur custom made ones


Can’t report a player in SC:R?

Dear fellows,
My enjoyment of the wondrous BGHMMR system has been sullied for a few weeks, by the mere presence of a player going by the despicable surname of KuKluxKlan.
Obviously, practicing the noble and joyful art of 9 pool excludes any kind of commerce with literal fascists; I would rather not even dirty my zerglings’ claws – no point for cerebrates to quarrel with decerebrates.
Blizzard is of little help in this situation, – which in SC:R’s interface yields no menu.
As pleasurable as it has been to leave within the first seconds of every game they’re in, it might result in my banning. Furthermore, this disgrace of a human being should never be allowed to play, even in my absence.
In the case where any of you had successfully tackled such a predicament, would you be kind enough to share your experience? For what it’s worth, the aforementioned ape claims they have been reported before to no avail.
Antifascistly yours.


Weekend amateur tournaments for week 27

Casually listing tournaments you can participate in this weekend:

**To be played** on Saturday, the 9th, from 00:00 UTC

**Open to** Any league M3 and under

**Default server** NA

**Prizes** No


**To be played** on Sunday, the 10th, from 12:00 UTC

**Open to** All

**Default server** EU

**Prizes** 1st place gets 25€, 2nd place 15€, and 3rd 4th places 5€


All times UTC for sake of uniformity and ease of reading. Your time can and will vary according to your timezone.

**If you know of a tournament happening this weekend that is not on this list, do let me know and I’ll add it.**


Gl and hf!


As many people know, the Classic Games division which originally was created to update Starcraft 1, Diablo 2, and Warcraft 3 gradually became shifted to also being in charge of Diablo III, Starcraft II, and Heroes of the Storm as well before both the Diablo games were moved to the Diablo division, leaving Classic Games with SCR, SC2, HotS, and WC3R. In late 2020 the groups were reorganized or dismantled depending who you ask. Here’s where those games stand now:

Starcraft II:

2020 started off with a bang as the ESL Pro Tour was announced. Later that year, we were all surprised by the announcement of Patch 5.0 which included new campaign achievements, Co-op Prestiges, and major updates to the map editor. There were also some big balance changes. But not long after that some of the lead developers for SC2 announced that they had formed Frost Giant. Within a week it was announced that there would be no more paid content for SC2 but that ladder seasons would continue and balance changes would be applied as needed.

A long time passed without any updates although we found that they were still open to adding portraits that were tied to other events like IEM Katowice and BlizzConline. Skins from previous War Chests and BlizzCons have been made available for purchase. As the map pool went months and months without change, ESL stepped in and helped add maps from previous TLMC . Then ESL formed a partnership with TeamLiquid and Shopify to fund further TLMC events to keep maps coming. For balance, a group of tournament organizers and community members were formed earlier this year to make changes. So, for SC2, Classic Games is primarily a maintenance group that relies on external consultants for any game decisions. The balance changes were in March but we’ve been waiting since October for a new map pool despite ESL Pro Tour using new maps. We’re also still awaiting information on what SC2 ESL will look like next year after the 3-year contract ends at IEM Katowice. We do know that ESL has partnered with TakeTV and TeamLiquid to protect the tour regardless of how much funding Blizzard is willing to give in the future.

Starcraft Remastered:

Things have been pretty quiet with SCR. Game development was clearly scaled back at the same time SC2 was. Obviously, balance changes were always out of the question before and that’s not changing. Features that Grant Davies was working on like team matchmaking appear to have been abandoned when he left Blizzard. Console skins from the Korean orchestra concerts were made available for purchase. New ladder seasons have still provided special portraits and other portraits were available through BlizzConline. There has been no official word on who chooses the map pools although they seem to be linked to AfreecaTV and ASL. However, a new map pool and ladder season haven’t been introduced since last September and there has been no word on when to expect a new season.

Heroes of the Storm:

This is a weird one and big news just dropped today. Heroes of the Storm esports were abruptly cancelled in early 2019 and development was heavily scaled back. However, contrary to a lot of reports, development did continue. New heroes were still occasionally introduced and the in-game economy was completely redesigned. But shortly after Classic Games was further reorganized, HotS introduced one more hero and that was it. 2021 no longer had traditional in-game events but they released a couple groups of paid skins; One themed after Overwatch and another themed after the older Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo games. Major balance changes continued including hero reworks and some wider changes to how structures on the maps worked. David Warner and his team were also much more visible than other Classic Games groups, often interacting with players on Reddit and the official forums.

That changed today as HotS got an announcement similar to the one SC2 got a couple years ago . There will no longer be any more paid content and balance changes will only be as needed. Hard to tell if they’ll be consulting with external groups for gameplay changes like with SC2.

Warcraft III Reforged:

Here’s the weirdest one. WC3R was, as everyone knows very well, Blizzard’s biggest launch disaster in the history of the company. Not only was it missing many of the promoted features; It was missing features that the original game had before it was taken down. The majority of the bugs were fixed and there was a series of major balance changes. They said that they’d be adding previously promoted features to the ladder but not the campaigns. To this day, the game can still be returned for a no-questions-asked refund. It has not received even the smallest cosmetic contents post-launch and the game is always left out of BlizzCon packages and Blizzard sales. In April last year, it received a balance patch that had apparently been in-development for a while and the forum post claimed Blizzard was still committed to adding ladder leagues, leaderboards, and player profiles. Then things went completely silent for over a year.

After some instances of Blizzard president Mike Ybarra confirming that there is indeed a team working on the game, a PTR patch was finally announced last month with the promised leagues, leaderboards, and profiles along with some changes to the campaigns . These are all features that were already in development before things went silent. Mike Ybarra also shared that Warcraft III Reforged has been moved out of Classic Games and is been overseen by the Warcraft group. According to the PTR notes there will be more updates coming later in the year.

So it looks like Classic Games is now trimmed down to Starcraft II, Starcraft Remastered, and Heroes of the Storm with the three titles no longer getting paid content and relying on external consultation for any necessary changes like balance and map pools. Mike Ybarra has made some vague Starcraft-related teases on Twitter but nothing remotely concrete. Community members assisting with things like balance have had to sign non-disclosure agreements. So almost all official news on these games has had to come through Blizzard community managers and customer support agents on the official forums.


FPS Uncapped in Menus/Hyperion

I’ve recently been diving back into Starcraft 2, I got Wings when it dropped and the same for HotS and LotV. My old pc ran it fine but wasn’t the beast my current rig is so I never noticed my Graphics card fan kicking into overdrive when I was on the main menu and on Hyperion during the campaign. Is there anyway to limit frames in these areas to not let my card burn itself into non-existence if I have to step away between being in missions? I do have Vsync on in the options menu but that seems to only impact in mission.

I remember I had a similar issue with Warhammer Dawn of War 2 but I was able to go into the files and activate Vsync. Thanks in advance for any advice I can get in this issue.


I’m trying to get good at SC2 – Week 0 (preparation)

Not sure if it’s allowed, cause it’s more like a post for myself and I’m planning to make an update note every week. But any advices are welcomed. If not, mods can remove the post.

I was always a very competitive player, especially in fighting games, but there’s nothing good atm, so I’ve decided to try to get good at SC2. I don’t have much experience with RTS, but I’ve played Warcraft 3 and SC2 for a few days in the past, but don’t remember anything except I suck at both games.

I decided to play Zerg. Reason: they’re cool. My current goal is to get comfortable with the UI, buttons and my make simple decisions during early game.

Current problems:

1. I’m too slow and sit on 1k+ gas.
2. Keep forgetting to spawn Overlord.
3. Keep forgetting to use Queen.
4. Low APM – 84.

Goals for the week:

1. Make a gameplan for at least first 3 minutes.
2. Learn my keybinds, swap between Hatcheries, Queens, overlords and Units using keyboard instead of mouse.
3. Use my units – Queens to lay eggs and move Overlords for vision.
4. Remember my structures, units and upgrades.

I’m unranked for now, so I’ll post my rank and stats at the end of the week. Also, goals I was able to achieve, things I still need to improve and set new goals for the next week.


Stracraft Remastered installation directory doesn’t contain HD textures?

I’m trying to extract the remastered HD unit sprites and tilesets from Starcraft Remastered, but I can’t find them. I’m using to browse my local installation directory.

`Casc:unit` contains `.grp` files, when I open these with I can see that those are the original SD sprites.

`Casc:HD2unit` contains a few .dds.grp files. PyGRP can’t open those, but can. However, unpacking them showed it’s not the unit sprites themselves, but the unit wireframe icons that are shown in the in-game bottom panel for the selected unit.

I have bought and installed Starcraft Remastered via the Launcher, and when I launch the game, it uses the remastered graphics, so the assets must be there *somewhere*, right? I’m new to SC1 modding, so any help is appreciated. Also please tell me if there are other modding tools out there I haven’t found, and please provide a link if possible.

For anyone who is curious and wants to try their hands on this, but is new to this topic as I am: I’m running all tools linked above in a VirtualBox VM. Don’t run programs from unverified sources on the same machine that has access to all your passwords, kids!