what to build

heard that this thig was free

need a site that has strats to build that top players have done/used

like if u search dark temp rush, then it shows/tells you steps to build that strategy

* and next to that strategy it shows which top player that has used that strategy, and maybe even the date when they last used it

* also if it shows win rate of that strategy overall next to the steps that is good

* and for which mode that win rate is for

also need good sites that just list all strategries that any new ppl can use – since nobody would know how or what things to serach for on the list of strats

knowing what and what steps to build something is prob like one of the first 3-5 steps of learning how to play this

a large/good part of most or some kinda game is about efficiency

also looking for youtuberes casters that explains what is going on in a match very well – like that age of empire 4 youtuber, if you know of any pls link thx


Dissapointment with U.S. Airforceas a sponsor for the ESL Valencia

I know my opinion does not matter and would be ignored overall, but I don’t feel welcomed with U.S. Airforce as a sponsor. I will let anyone have their own opinion on whether American military fight the good fight but having them as a sponsor to our game, means that watching the game supports their cause – they are actively gaining positive image from giving money to esports and to me thats just wrong.

Now, some people would probably argue that there is no big difference between the rainbow campaigns for the pride month and they would most likely have a good point, yet no company has received direct sponsorship to do that. Yes, its probably a positive marketing trick, but no lgbtq+ foundation has given explicit money for people to create good publicity for the cause. People have done this on their own.

One side question is why the U.S. Air Force logo exists on the panels, yet is not listed as a sponsor on the Liquipedia page? Why are they not even listed on the ESL website as a sponsor?

Honestly, I’m so dissapointed that we cannot with our own efforts and without the help of questionable political organizations to keep our scene alive, that I don’t know if I would ever watch an ESL event if they don’t clear this stuff out.


What’s the most ridiculous buff you can give a race without making it OP?

So I had this fun thought about what you could actually give a race without breaking the game balance. And I’d love to hear what some of you can come up with.

The point of the game is to make the most outrageous buff possible, which doesn’t really help whatsoever.

Some examples:

1. Zerg drones mine 200?ster, when off creep.
2. Protoss probes can mine from enemy gas extractors, at 1000% the speed.
3. Terran can build sensory towers next to each other for 50% of the cost.

As you can see, all of these things are direct buffs – but their use is questionable. So what do you think? At what gas extraction speed will it become viable for protoss to warp prism in 4 probes to try and steal gas? Will Terran use sensory towers as walls? Is it *really* worth it to place a hatchery so far away from the mineral line that creep doesn’t touch it?


helpful things for new playres

**looking for what are the other most helpful things for this game** to look at,

like what are the other 3-5 very helpful things for this game?

* found 1 of those most helpful thing, an extension that tells you what to build

* that is extremely helpful

* thats more helpful than i was expecting

that is an extremely great training tool and one of the most basic things anyone new to the game would need to know – what to build

its like aiming-specififc training software for fps games – cos its a basic thing about a certain kind of game, if not the most basic thing

knowing what to build is one of the first 3-5 things anyone would need to know for this game – cos if you dont know what to build, you dont build anything – and then you lose – eventually

i guess thats why whoever made this tool made it – cos they understood and knew it was an extremely basic & extremely important thing of this game – and maybe of most games like this but maybe not

* they linked to some youtube showing how to use the addon/mod and the steps are pretty complex and not streamllined but o well

* doesnt seem like you can use this in casual multiplayer games which si sad but o well

for sc2 theres things about the ui that could be made better like the color of the supply count doesnt change or highlight or give any indicator when its maxed, and prob many other things that has been noticed and said already over time about how the ui could be made better in w/e new game of this type in future

* but besides this most helpful extremley helpful thing of what to build, what are the other like 3-5 most helpful things to look at

what are the other like 3-5 most helpful things to look at and over? gonna look at those most helpful things


Unique Korea-Foreigner situation tomorrow (spoiler)

Every match tomorrow is a Korean vs a foreigner, and while unlikely in both cases, we could end up with an all-Korean semifinals **or** an all-foreigner semifinals. Based on aligulac, there is about a 5.1% chance of an all-Korean semifinals and a 5.4% chance of an all-foreigner semifinals. If all matches were 50/50 the chance would be 6.25% for both.

Also interesting that we have two matches that are basically 70/30 and two that are basically 53/47 and the mirrors are the lopsided ones.

Win Top 2 Top 4 Top 8
Maru 28.67.49% 9.47G.37%
Reynor 26.47.24% 6.66R.63?rk 15.85 .113.320.73%
Clem 8.73.78%.99G.49%
Neeb 3.24% 8.26Y.27).22%
Creator 1.07% 3.56$.60p.78%
Elazer 1.03% 4.55%.15i.27%

^ ^. ^.


Should EMP work on buildings?

Watching this , Maru EMPs a Nexus making it unable to Recall herO’s army. He then goes on to EMPing a bunch of Shield Batteries later in the match. Kind of annoying, don’t you think?

Do you feel like EMP’s energy-draining effect should work on structures? I know using it for that purpose isn’t ideal, as you probably want it for Archons or Immortals, but it feels weird to let it burn building energy. Of course, it should still work on building shields, but that’s not what we’re discussing.

I’m not really for or against it. If it should still work on buildings, then so be it. I’m just curious what people think.


ProTech Manipulating 2v2 Queues still…

I’m currently a master 1 player in 2v2 and I’m coming across a player called Protech who plays as barcodes for the most part. I’ve also watched his stream for a bit and followed his channel out of interest and noticed he has some list of player names he believes to be cheating or whatever it is……. After many matches against him in 2v2 he accuses me of not earning my wins, and I never deserve any wins because he got a gold tier player or something. Then I was added to his skip list, so now when I queue he will instant leave. It takes already 6-10+ minutes to get into a game and now that has gone up because of this list he has. When I asked him about it in his stream he just goes on this long 20 minute rant.

Is this even allowed with TOS? 2v2 isn’t that popular as it is and now we have one player acting as the overseer of the 2v2 matches.


DreamHack SC2 Masters: Valencia – Feedback Thread

Hey everyone, hope you are all enjoying so far DreamHack SC2 Masters Valencia!

Finally has come the time to crown our Champion today, as a reminder below the upcoming matches:

|Round of 8 #1|Clem vs herO|10:00| |
|Round of 8 #2|Elazer vs Dark|11:30| |
|Round of 8 #3|Creator vs Neeb|13:00| |
|Round of 8 #4|Reynor vs Maru|14:30| |
|Semifinal #1|TBD|16:00| |
|Semifnal #2|TBD|17:30| |
|Grand Final|TBD|19:30| |

All times are in CEST, we are starting in 30 minutes from this post, as we are running a rolling schedule the starting times might be slightly different than the table above.

If you want to help us out, and give your feedback about the event you can do that by following this link – />
The team will be monitoring the thread throughout the day, if you have any immediate feedback or anything else that you might want to discuss feel free to do so, happy to reply and address your questions wherever possible!



When to make 2nd Nexus on a 3 Gate Opening

My usual Protoss build order is to make a 2nd Nexus right around 17 probes and before making a gateway or any other buildings. However this has been putting me at high risk of getting rushed and not having the right units and structures to defend against it.

What is the normal build order when you make a gateway first. At what worker count/time is it best to drop a second Nexus.
I usually find myself so occupied by making stalkers/z’s at that point that I have to stop production to make another Nexus. Is there a build order where the resources for the 2nd Nexus comes in naturally and you don’t halt production for a minute to make one ?


TvZ Ultra Late Game – do you guys enjoy watching it?

A very high level TvZ series in the DreamHack Valencia quarter finals just finished.

While each game was slightly different they all shared the same overall theme.

– The games were very long, with at least one player being heavily defensive at any given time.

This resulting in the map being almost outmined before anything of note happened and the final outcome being decided in one or two big fights after 30 minutes.

Of note: Almost no runbys, drops or comparable skirmishes

While one could analyze or describe that further, I will skip that part nor search for reasons why the games went the way they did.

Personally, I don’t enjoy watching those games at all.

For me, that becomes boring rather quickly.

I was wondering – what do you guys think about those kind of games from a viewers perspective?