The Best Carries to Learn and Play in Pubs

Hey everyone,

This is a follow up to the video where I aim to rank every hero based on position. I’m trying to highlight the most consistent heroes to help you win pub matches. This video is going over the second batch of carry heroes. Most people seemed to enjoy the first one so I wanted to let you guys know the second part is here! I would really appreciate some feedback so I can make the following videos even better. Or if you have some differing opinions on some of the rankings I would like to hear your thoughts.



How to relax after a bad game:

Here’s my experience on how to calm down after a bad game and keep8ng your mentality up:
Step 1: stand up and go to bathroom or have a drink.
Step 2 : don’t Q to any match for atleast 30 min.
Hmm but what to do in 30 min?
Step 3: go to a bot match, pickup any hero you feal like playing. Stomp bots and deplete all your toxicity on them.

Step 4: after 30 min has passed and you played a bot game. When you wanna Q the next match, don’t try look back at the lost. Move forward.
Ps: if you lost the second ranked match, that’s a hint: that day ain’t your day pal. Don’t Q to any other rank game or just Close dota2 and do anything else. MMR can’t be forced, much like many things in life.


Core players, dude, just stop for a second to get the support’s buffs, especially if you already really close to them.

I know it sounds crazy, and I know it doesn’t sound reddit worthy, but it fucking is. It’s actually insane how many core players just run away from Magnus, Ogre, KotL or whatever on their team without taking a second to stop. Even worse when all he has is a midas and brown boots and walks around from camp to camp without a buff. Like you have movement ability with a cd of 3s and more ms than me, do you expect me to chase you though all the map? Or, when you lose a fight because you’re trying to bloodlust him while you’re pinging your ability because you know a fight is about to break out anytime and you need to give him the buff, and then he just runs away acting like he doesn’t need to stop for even a second but you know damn well he knows. Yeah, down vote me, even though these are fucking facts shout outs to the solid ones out there though!


Nearby ally communication for solo rank

So here is the thing, this is a game where you play with 4 random strangers, 2 player in sidelines have to work something out to win that lane.

How many combinations of heroes there is? and how many combinations of who are you laning agsint? its trilions right?

so sometimes, in order to win a lane you to communicate with your partner to explain a mechanic that can be used to win that lane, sometimes this plan is long and need like 30 second of explanation, but other 3 players are annoyed by it, they mute you and you lose behavior score. Despite not being toxic and just wanting to communicate, other lanes just assume you are toxic and mute.

there should be a voice function with a specific hotkey to send voice to your nearby allies.

no distraction for other lanes, you can communicate more to win a lane just like when do when you are playing with your friend in discord.


Seriously: Why can’t Russians play in their own servers?

I’ve quite had it, I play in 3 regions and every single one has a Russian that expects you to speak cykblyat while they queued for non-russian servers + english as primary language? Can we make this a bannable/griefing offense? almost half of my games there is always one Russian in either side of the teams. I wouldn’t even mind if some of them even attempted to speak english, but all I get the moment I open my mouth speaking english is random russian screaming back at me, not to mention that a majority of these accounts are either so stupidly toxic or have VAC bans. Seriously what the hell is wrong with these people.

I play with Indians, Thais, Japanese, Some Aussies, hell even Filipinos aren’t as bad, but Russians just seem to stand out in the levels of toxicity consistently tilting either themselves or teammates. Every region has their bad apples but it just seems like Russians are a special kind of apple where there are more rotten ones than not.


show all modes +1

hi can you guys help me I am in a low prio pool but i cannot find match pls refer to this pics

how can i fix this?


Freshly created accounts should be forced to play 50 bot games before being able to play versus other people.

Have you finally found a girlfriend who would like to try out Dota with you?


Queue up with her, tell her to pick Crystal Maiden. Girls usually love to play with Maiden.

You are happy, because there is also a very low level account on the enemy team and he is new, so the game will be balanced.

It’s very strange because he picked Skywrath.

New players usually don’t pick Skywrath.

It’s very strange that this Skywrath killed your gf on lane 8 times in 8 minutes.

Sky is now level 8, your gf is level 3.

Your gf doens’t understand how Sky kills her with 3 spells while she can’t even cast a single spell.

She wants to play another game now.

There is a game called League of Legends.

**Jokes aside. Forcing new accounts to play 50 games vs bots would greatly discourage new account creation by smurfs, and it would actually help new players learn the basics.**


Normal pubs – Matchmaking

So Ive been on a 4month Dota break. I wasnt highly ranked when I played, and back then I only played ranked pubs. Now I started playing some Dota again. When I opened the client, I saw I was unranked . Figured I’d play some normal pubs, since I feel really rusty but here’s my question. What does matchmaking consider in normal pub games when Im unranked? Played 4 games so far. 3 had leavers. In one game I had a 5 man int draft . Another game I had a guy roleplaying Zeus, running around saying Boom in chat everytime he used a lightning bolt. In no game, there was any sense of team play, objective plays, farming for timings, just a random mess.

Is this the way normal pubs is? Or is it due to me being unranked currently?

I guess what Im asking is, should I go straight into my 10 games MMR calibration and just get a rank to be able to get a half decent pub experience?


I got a game banned ? Is this normal

I’m so confused. I got game banned on steam and vac banned when I open dota 2. I never cheat, smurf or matchmaking abuse. I can be toxic in game sometimes because I am try harding but I am hovering from 9800-10000 BS now it suddenly turned to 1. I cant get to link my recent games in dotabuff because I cant click the expose match data ingame but this is my dotabuff . I was ancient 5 before and I stopped playing. I recalibrated to legend 3 and I have been winning with pos 4 zues a lot to legend 5. Is this even considered smurfing if I am calibrated in legend 3?

edit: Resolved, it was an incorrect ban. Thank you everyone for those who believed and thank you Brian from steam support. xcqL

edit: fuck your system valve, who would have thought that a 4.7k mmr peak skill will stomp legend 3 players. Why put me here for recalibration? like srsly i almost lost 100+ usd of dota items


Add Button – “Report and Surrender”

When your mid player sells his items 8 minutes into the game, buys an amulet and spends the next 30 minutes hiding in trees so he doesn’t disconnect and you don’t get any extra gold.

the very act of playing this “game” feels like a punishment and it’s certainly not fun like that

People like this should be BANNED for at least a week. And I have better things to do with my time than to partner up with someone that actively tries to make me lose.

Please add surrender and report button that is more serious than regular report. For people that truly ruin the fun. And then allow us to exit games with these grinders.

Dota has no respect for my time, I have better things to do than be stuck in a match with these people.