Auctioning the Map: Taj Mahal vs Maharaja vs Metropolys/Skyrise

Short version: Taj Mahal vs. Maharaja vs. Metropolys/Skyrise. When auctioning for area control what is your favorite and why?

On my shelf of shame sits two games: Taj Mahal and Maharaja. The second one I just got this past week super cheap at a 4th of July sale from my FLGS. I have not gotten either to the table but both include the idea of area control with a bit of an auction mechanism to do so. I’m excited about these games and I love auctions and two of the groups I play with enjoy area control when done in a Euro manner.

Recently I came across the Kickstarter for Skyrise and was very intrigued so I backed at $1 to get access later . That being said, with two unplayed games on my shelf I’m not sure how much I can justify the shelf space. What are everyone’s opinions about these three games and how they compare? Do you have a favorite? Especially interested in the opinions of people who have played all three.

Thanks in advance.

NOTE: I kind of went nuts during the pandemic and have too many unplayed games. We’re working on it and do play new games regularly. My household budget is not an issues so assume that any further money spent is not irresponsible from a financial point of view.