Any good videos/tips for terran beginners?

For context I am plat 1- diamond 3 protoss player but to be very honest, I am hot garbage at this game. Playing protoss gave me a lot of bad habits like A move my army instead of micro my army with specific units to attack units that they are strong against.

How did I get to that rank? I have no idea sometimes I get players that are overly defensive , very often its ppl who proxy or mass only 1 unit and it is not hard to win those games. But when I play against decent people like zergs who have mix army WITH lurkers, its like insta loss for me because I just dont know what to do except A move with slight high templar micro

I feel like if I switch race it will fresh start for me and I can learn how to micro tanks/bio constantly but the problem is that I have been searching in youtube how to improve as Terran player and its usually guides of people who did it from their twitch stream and its 1 hour long with very very ambitious and vague explanations. Often they dont even conclude what they did. Without any basic guides I am deserved bronze 3 player