2nd Battle Hunger tournament, this time even spicier.


Battle Hunger is back with another tournament, to wake the amateur scene up, since there are not many tourneys around.

Battle Hunger 2.0 will be as follows:

A total of three qualifiers will be played:

– First: 16th July 15:00 – 18:45 British Summer Time P.S.

– Second: 23rd July 15:00 – 18:45 British Summer Time

– Third: 30th July 15:00 – 18:45 British Summer Time

8 maximum teams registered for each qualifier;

2 groups of 4 ;

Top 1 of each group qualifies for the Main Event.

The Main event will be 6 teams , with the previous 2 finalists invited directly .

Some important details to keep in mind:

* Played on EU West Region ;
* $300 for top 3 teams + $10 Steam card for every team that qualifies;
* 4k MMR requirement .

Useful links:

* server with announcements and changes . You can also try looking for people here if you are a free agent or lack a player.
* where Main Event games, and possibly qualifier matches too, will be casted. where we casted the previous one, and MIGHT end up casting some games on.

All other info you can find on our website and in our . If you have any question feel free to post it in the comments or contact: Buzda#0453 or my buddy fanz#4891 on discord. If you prefer, you can also contact us by email: .