Looking for a two player game with extreme replayability, and strategic depth. Options in the post:

Hi! I wanted to get a deep and interesting 1v1 game that’s relatively simple to learn , but has a lot of competitive depth and isn’t chess. I’ll list some options I have found so far, and I’ll give my short first impression on them.


The only two things I’m afraid of that this game ends up being too simplistic, and the expansions seem very divisive in terms of how it impacts the learning experience and the competitive nature. Otherwise it looks great, definitely the most excited about this one!


Again, the only fear is that the game might end up being too simplistic in strategy, I could be wrong but does not seem very compelling to me, just a lot of math.


I’m concerned about the exact opposite here, that this might be too much like chess in a way that the whole game requires too much theory to just sit down and play and figure out strategies on our own, and so it might not be a good learning experience.


I did not like the short gameplay summaries I saw, but I kept running into it’s name when I was looking for well-balanced 1v1 board games, so I thought I’d ask about it.


I did not look into this too much, I just saw that the game is 1v1 and is really pretty, and apparently it has quite a bit of strategy to it.

Twilight Struggle

The games are probably too long, and there is too much reading involved for the type of experience I’m looking for.

Free feel to recommend something that is not on the list, but I did not want to start this thread with 0 research, these 6 seem the most appealing from a few hours of work.


I gave away 75% of my collection because I’m moving and it’s a blessing in disguise

I am moving across country and gave away 30 out of 40 board games. This included games with all the expansions. I realized having too many games keeps you from playing your favorites. In the end, you really only play a handful of games regularly. Yes, you may pull out a game once a year, and it is fun, but for the space, money, learning the rules, maintenance, updating with expansions… you could have just played your go-to games.

I also noticed that when you get a new game, there is some internal pressure to play it, which means you’re constantly trying to catch up, playing games just to check it off your list. And then there is the shame of having a game for over a year and the cellophane is still on.

I’ve also had friends and family complain that I am always introducing a new game to our play sessions. Many have voiced that they were just starting to get good at the previous game, and wanted to play it more.

Guys, don’t make the mistake I did! Have a few games in the four major food groups and you will be better off for it 🙂


Poker chip shrink?

I bought some poker chip set from amazon to upgrade my game, and I though I got some decent ones . These chip feel nice, and its heavy weight allow you to stack them pretty high without them falling off by the slightest touch. I store most of them away for boardgame night, however I keep a stack of 20 on my table to fidget with.

A year later, all the chip still look nice, however, the I notice chips I keep by my table has shrunk by 5%. Putting a stack of 20 of the chip on my table next to a 20 stack from the stored chip, the stack of chip on my table is 1 chip shorter than the stored one. This is a huge issue since height comparison is the fastest way to count chip stack.

Is this a common issue with all type of chip, or does my chips just have poor quality.


Trying to find a game

So I could use help identifying the name of a board game I enjoyed as a child. It was a 1v1 game with little plastic rectangle half boxes with labels on one side. It was designed so only you could see the label of your units, with the other person having to send theirs/receive yours blindly. You hid a central piece on the board and tried to blindly fight your way to your opponents. I believe the units had numerical health values so the one with the higher value lived while the other died. Possibly special moves depending on the unit . This has been killing me for years now, so an answer would be amazing!!!


ISO game like Eye-Spy, but mature and artistically complex

I remember the game from either the late 80s or early 90s, that had these laminated sheets about 11 x 14 in size, and the gist of the game was to pick out a letter of the alphabet and try to find as many items in a small area of the artwork that started with that letter.

These images were absolutely stunning and complex, very surreal and always featured the artist himself in a cameo somehow. The way that these things were drawn was very realistic and detailed. I used to love just spending hours looking at them. Does this ring a bell for anyone? For years I’ve been trying to remember what it was called or find the right keywords to Google it and I just can’t find anything. It was mass produced but it might have still been a small boutique operation with a limited quantity. But it definitely was a commercially created and distributed game.

Thank you in advance for any help that you have!


I did a dumb – thank you Tabletop Simulator!

So…it’s been hard to get the Outer Rim expansion in my small town. I had a friend who was going to the nearest large city and was able to get a copy for me. Which I then opened in the game store and integrated into my base set and trashed the expansion box.

And 3 days later realized that I had missed the 6 ship panels. Which are now en route to same landfill if not there already. But Fantasy Flight is Asmodee, which means that getting replacements is impossible.


So I thought for a few minutes and found a solution. I subscribed to the mod on Tabletop Simulator, and found the scans for the panels. It will take some cleanup, but I’ll be able to print them and build my own panels. Since they don’t need to be shuffled, the fact that they obviously aren’t the production copies shouldn’t matter.

I freely admit this is my own damn stupid fault, but I really wish Asmodee would support a solution other than buying a whole new copy of a thing that I can’t easily get in the first damn place.


Board game name request

Back during my childhood in the 90’s, I remember playing a board game that involved lots of toy knights that either were placed on a castle or were several feet in front of the castle and attempted to lay siege to it. I also remember that there were cannons and trebuchets that launched little orange balls at the castle and the castle has various targets that would launch the figures into the air if hit. One such target was a window on one of the castle battlements. I’d love to buy it and play it with my kids. Does anyone happen to remember the name of the game?

Edit: Thank you so much! One 5 minute post answered a question that I’ve been thinking about for years. You guys are the best!


Trying to find the title of a comedy sci-fi card game. Not Smash Up

Hi all,

Three friends and I played a card game last summer or the year before, and I can’t find or remember the name for the life of me. Through my cursory internet searches, I have discovered the game is not Smash Up.

There were no miniatures. It had themed factions , comedy text on the cards, a sci-fi setting, and that’s all I can remember. It was sillier than Magic, more sci-fi than fantasy if I recall correctly, and different cards granted abilities for other cards or something similar. Not sure if there was a d6 or not.

Any leads are appreciated!

EDIT: It must be a pretty rare game, because when I tried to purchase it, it was extremely difficult to locate .

**EDIT 2: Thanks to all who helped! The game is called OP Arena!** And it still doesn’t seem to be available through amazon.


The perfect minimalist board game collection

20 games only, with the widest possible range in terms of weight, number of players, and game mechanics. My list :

Light Games

– **Condottiere**

– **Love letter**

– **Sushi go party**

– **Isle of Skye**

– **The Crew**

– **A Fake Artist Goes To New York**

– **7 Wonders Duel**

Medium games

– **Inis**

– **Concordia Venus**

– **Hansa teutonica**

– **Res arcana**

– **The castles of burgundy**

– **Modern Art**

– **Mare Nostrum : empires**

– **Tyrants of the Underdark**

Heavy games

– **Dominant Species Marines**

– **Brass Birmingham**

– **Lorenzo il Magnifico**

– **Cuba Libre**

– **Viscounts of the West Kingdom**

And you, what is yours ?


Big-box-store Editions bait-and-switch

With the recent Target sale on Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition, I was tempted to pick it up, but I found out that the components are different than the main hobby edition. I can’t tell that it’s marked as a “Target-exclusive” edition or packaged differently.

Same story with Downforce, though at least the packaging is different . They’ve done similarly with Sonar, Fireball Island, and others, but those have different titles making clear that they are different SKUs.

1) Are other big box stores selling alternate/cheapened/enhanced editions —Walmart, B&N, other?

2) Is this detrimental to consumers?

3) What happens when these hit the secondary market?